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Tender Notices – Consultancy Services of the Pilot Scheme on Youth Outdoor Adventure Training Activities (Update by 12/01/2022)

Update on 12th January, 2022 Online tender briefing will be held on 18th January, 2022 (Tue) at 10 am, if you are interested in attending the briefing, please send an email to singcheung@ayp.org.hk, more briefing details will be provided upon your request email. Tender Notices(Chinese Version ONLY) Notices of Invitation for Technical and Fee Proposals Agreement Title Closing Date Consultancy Services of the Pilot Scheme on Youth Outdoor Adventure Training Activities (Chinese Version ONLY) 31 January 2022  

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AOA – Expeditions Courses (Hiking) 2021-2022 (Updated on 21/09/2021) (Chinese Only)

直屬執行處將於港島區、九龍區及新界區舉辦金、銀及銅章級野外鍛鍊科遠足訓練課程(港島區只舉辦金及銀章級課程)。有興趣之參加者,請細閱以下活動詳情,並於各課程指定的截止日期前報名及繳交費用。 活動詳情(金章級)>> 活動詳情(銀章級)>> 活動詳情(銅章級)>> 報名表格(網上報名)>> 報名表格(實體報名)>>

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Pilot Scheme on Youth Outdoor Adventure Training Activities (Updated on 06/10/2021)

The “Pilot Scheme on Youth Outdoor Adventure Training Activities”, organised by Home Affairs Bureau and Youth Development Commission; co-organised by The Hong Kong Award for Young People, is now open for application. This scheme incorporates innovative elements into outdoor adventure training, which are Sports Adventure, Eco Adventure and Technology Adventure.   Pilot Scheme Belief: Improve young people’s physical and mental well-being, foster positive thinking, sense of collectivism and resilience in times of difficulties, and emphasize the importance of cultivating positive value and mentality of young people during their growth and development. Content: Rope Course, Recycling Workshop, Innovative Sports Game etc. Target: F.3-F.5 Students Type: Participants could choose from Day Camp for 1, 2 or 3 days OR Overnight Camp for 3 days 2 nights or 4 days 3 nights Date: from July 2021 Fee: The program fee is free (transportation and meals included) Enquiry: 2627 2006 Please email the completed form to: youthadventure@ayp.org.hk Application Form (Individual) Application Form (Group)

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AYP Walks Along with “Corps” (Updated on 12/07/2021) (Chinese Only)

香港青年獎勵計劃將於今年8月聯同香港少年領袖團、香港航空青年團及香港海事青年團合辦一系列的銅章級活動。此計劃集社會服務、技能學習、運動項目及遠足挑戰於一身,完成後便能獲得銅章。此外,參加者更能透過活動了解到不同機構的特色,認識新朋友,擴闊眼界及社交圈子。   活動詳情 日期:2021年8月 –  2022年3月 (詳情請參閱活動時間表) 內容:銅章級活動 (參加者可自行選擇章級活動,有關選項請參閱附件) 費用:$500 對象:銅章級參加者 (未開展4科活動的參加者優先) 名額:32人   活動詳情>> 報名表格>>

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AYP Bronze Level Service Section: Graffiti Workshop (Updated on 07/07/2021)

A Graffiti Workshop will be held in August by The Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP). The activities promote the understanding of street arts and skills required for graffiti artwork. The aim is to encourage participants to engage in community work. Please refer details as below: Details: Participants will learn about street arts in Hong Kong and graffiti techniques and be required to perform service at AYP Jockey Club Expeditions Centre by completing graffiti on walls. The goal of the program is to encourage participants to engage in community work through leisure activities Dates:10, 12, 19, 23 August 2021 (See link below for details schedule) Quota:18 participants (First come first served, based on the order of deposit submission) Target: AYP participants Deposit: $500 (Refundable upon completion of the activities) Activity Details Application Form

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Green to Goal: Create Your Eco-Fashion (Chinese Only)

鄧慕蓮博士AYP團體生活科本地體驗營 Green to Goal: Create Your Eco-Fashion 香港青年獎勵計劃獲鄧慕蓮博士AYP國際交流活動基金贊助、InnoTier綠色時尚贊助,舉辦「鄧慕蓮博士AYP團體生活科本地體驗營Green to Goal: Create Your Eco-Fashion」。營中將透過一連串的訓練、遊戲及小組活動,讓青年人發揮創意,為回收的舊衣物進行大改造,製作成各式各樣的紡織物,為其賦予新意義及用途。 日期:2021年8月24日至28日 (星期二至六) 地點:香港青年獎勵計劃賽馬會愛丁堡公爵訓練營(新界大埔林村坑下莆90號) 費用:港幣350元正 對象:AYP參加者 (未完成金章級團體生活科的參加者優先) 名額:24位 (如報名人數眾多,將於8月3日 (星期二) 晚上進行面試遴選) 活動詳情 報名表格

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Officer – Information Technology (Contract) (Updated on 20/10/2021)

We invite a pro-active, positive attitude and energetic candidate to join AYP family: Officer – Information Technology (Contract) (Ref. No. OIT/21/1)   Job Duties: Provide helpdesk support to users and troubleshoot issues on all IT aspects including hardware, software and system network Provide first line technical support for IT issues or ad-hoc IT-related tasks during and beyond office hours Facilitating the enhancement and maintenance of internal systems and related hardware/equipment, including UAT testing, support, trouble-shoot and evaluation Conduct tracking for resources and assets to ensure smooth IT operations Procure & Maintain IT asset and software licensing inventory Assist IT manager to manage specific tasks in projects and IT services Require to perform preventive maintenance work and non-urgent backend support activities in non-office hour Require outdoor work if necessary   Requirements: Holder of Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering or related discipline At least 2 years’ solid experience in IT support Understanding of networking concepts: TCP/IP, LAN/WAN, VPN, DHCP, DNS, Routing, Switching and Firewall Good knowledge in Microsoft Windows platform (including server and active directory administration & maintenance) and virtualization technologies Familiar with PC software and hardware knowledge support Knowledge in DBMS, CMS, CRMS, HRMS, web development & management, cloud computing, Linux…

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