HKAYP Jockey Club Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp


Provides young people with a learning venue integrating digital technology, creative culture and innovative sports. The campsite breaks traditional stereotype by merging new energy-saving and environmental protection elements. Redevelopment in 2020 marks an important milestone. New technologies are incorporated to various training programs like augmented reality (AR) sports and emerging sports like HADO AR Dodgeball and AR Climbing.

The campsite has achieved the Silver Rating of Final Assessment under the BEAM Plus and CLP Smart Energy Award 2020 – Smart Technology Grand Award for its conservation of materials and energy in the design, construction, operations and maintenance of the building.

With the generous support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. The completion of the camp in 2020 marks an important milestone in the Hong Kong Award for Young People Jockey Club Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp reconstruction plan.

After development | nearly 5 times growth

5,646 square meters

Gross Area

After Redevelopment

177 residential camp and 200 day camp

Camp Capacity

After Redevelopment

15 rooms

Number of Residential Rooms

After Redevelopment

31 challenges

Number of Adventure Rope Course Challenges

DETC Campsite full view

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Address: No. 90, Hang Ha Po, Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, N.T.
Phone:(852) 2627 2000
Fax: (852) 2627 0700
Office Hour:09:00-17:00




About Residential

1. Is extra bed available?

Extra bed is not available in the campsite.

2. Will there be electronic kettles in the residential room?

No, but the campsite has water dispenser which provide hot and cold water for campers to drink.

3. Will there be hair dryers, slippers or towels in the room?

No, campers need to bring their own if they want to use it.

4. What time should I check in and when can I get the room key?

The check in time for the camp is from 3 pm on the day of entry to 1 pm on the day of departure. The room key will be delivered or collected respectively.

5. Can a non-applicant or team leader distinguish the admission procedure?

The personal information of the applicant or the team leader needs to be checked due to the entry procedures. If the above two types of responsible persons fail to enter the camp, please notify the camp by email with the full name and contact number of the new team leader. The new team leader may proceed with the entry procedures.

6. If I booked an overnight camp, can I check-in earlier or late check-out?

Day camp/evening camp must be reserved accordingly if campers wish to arrive camp early/depart camp late as well as its corresponding activities and catering.

7. Does the camp fee include meal or activity?

Meals and activities require additional reservations and related fees.

About Venue Rental

1. Is there a projector available for borrowing in the activity rooms?

Yes, the activity room will contain some basic equipment. For details of the equipment, please refer to the following web pages.

2. If there are not enough chairs in the activity room or other materials are needed, can I borrow them from the camp?

Since each activity room has a limited number of chairs, there are no additional chairs for rental.

About Catering

1. The camp stipulates that everyone who enters the restaurant or barbecue site must have booked meals. We are a family group with a 2-year-old child. Does he have to book a meal too?

If the child is under 3 years old and does not occupy a seat, this restriction is not applicable.

2. Will the campsite cater campers with special dietary needs, for example vegetarian, food allergies etc.?

If campers have vegetarian, food allergies or other special dietary requirements, please contact the camp staff.


1. Is there a parking lot?

There are 5 parking spaces for visitors on a first-come, first-served basis. The person in charge of the organization can reserve parking spaces by email in advance.

Each parking space will be charged an administrative fee of HKD $100. Vehicle with reserved license plate is only allowed to enter and park once. The charge will be recalculated if the vehicle exits the Camp.

The gates are open from 8:30 am to 10:30 pm.
*If you need special assistance, please email or call the camp staff in advance.

2. Is there a loading/unloading area of the campsite?

There is a tourist bus pick-up and drop-off area in the camp. The time of entry and exit is from 9 am to 9 pm. The gates will be locked at other times and no pick-up and drop-off services are available.