Basic Information

  • Lets young people to prepare themselves before joining the Award
  • Interested secondary students aged 11-14 are welcome to enrol.
  • Participants have to start ‘Green Bird’ on or before 13.5 years old.
  • A “Green Bird” badge and certificate will be granted upon completion of the 4 sections. Participants can then progressively join the Bronze level (the minimum age of entry is 14).






To encourage providing service to others Min. 6 hrs over 1.5 months e.g. cleaning campaign, first-aid service, library service


To encourage taking a short journey for discovery and appreciation of nature 1-day journey e.g. picnic, hiking, sightseeing


To encourage discovery and development of personal interests Min. 13 hrs over 3 months e.g. language, philately, music, chess

Physical Recreation

To encourage participation in physical recreation and improvement of performance Min. 6 hrs over 1.5 months e.g. swimming, ball games, athletics


Interested secondary students aged 11-14

  • Interested young people are welcome to enrol in any one of the organisations running “The Hong Kong Award for Young People”.
  • After enrolment, each participant will be distributed a Record Card for recording activities and completion dates. However, the activities have to be started after they get the Record Card.
  • Upon completion of all sections, participants may bring along the duly stamped and signed Record Cards with Form (B) to Award Headquarters for claiming badges and certificates. They may also submit to Operating Authorities or User Units’ representatives.

Operating Authorities/User Units

Operating Authorities / User Units who are interested to promote ‘Green Bird in Action’, please register as follows:

  • Fill in Form (A) and return to Award Headquarters,
  • Purchase Record Card (HK$12/piece) from Award Headquarters AND
  • Get a set of 4 stamps for free.