[Together we walk through this – Don’t stop your Award Journey!]

There’s never a full stop for AYP participants despite this difficult time!

A gang of college students as well as doing their Gold Awards: Kung Sze Lin, Li Chun Ngai, Wong Kwan Luen and Chan Pui Ting shared the same belief under current global challenge – there’s must be a way to keep yourself moving on in the Award journey.

“The first thing we bump out in our mind is what can we offer when we saw AYP will distribute anti-COVID19 packs to needy young people. Therefore we joined as volunteers to assist with the 1,500 packing of anti-COVID19 packs.”

For AYPers, hiking is not only a leisure and social media oriented activity but a training expeditions! All AYP participants, please pick a side door route to get yourself well prepared with the Award journey!

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