[Together we walk through this – Still volunteering at home]

Leung Tin Fan Tiffany, student of Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School and participant of Bronze Award still engage actively and enrich her Award journey in this challenging period.

“I can still give useful services to teacher and classmates under class suspension period.” As a multi-functional subject leader, Tiffany still takes her own responsibility reminding her classmates to submit homework, assisting in taking notes as well as different online learning experiences. She also reminds teachers to well-prepared for different procedures as live-streamed classes were conducted.

The current situation is no doubt affecting our daily life. However, we should take good advantage of this period and make it count! One of the five sections of AYP – Service Section is designed to develop participants a sense of community service and a feeling of responsibility to others through take part in volunteer services. Tiffany inspired by this spirit to keep her commitment towards her classmates and teachers.

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