Kayak training included Junior Kayak Award, Kayak Star Award, Kayak Proficiency Award, Kayak Advanced Award and Canoe Lifeguard. The training scheme develops paddlers to be competent and skillful kayaker with comprehensive strokes skills. Additionally, we offer leisure sea trip to the public. Paddlers participate either single or double kayak to explore the unique scenery of Sai Kung.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

SUP training included SUP Elementary and SUP Proficiency Training. Paddlers learn what are personal paddling equipment; safety precaution and acquire paddling practices step by step. SUP classes with family and friends are welcome.

Board Rowing

Board Rowing offers greater accessibility than traditional rowing. The rowing board is buoyant, stable and easy to row, which is more suitable for long rowing on the sea. AYP currently provides Galaxy Star 1 course to the public. Teaching beginners the knowledge of rowing in an easy way.

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat is an ideal activity for team-building. When paddling, it is necessary to cooperate with teammates. All paddlers need working together to achieve goals through individual roles. It increases paddler motivation, improves communication and breaks down barriers among team members.