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AYP started Award Network in 2011 during our 50th Anniversary, with the objective to bring DEA and AYP Award recipients and volunteers together. Let’s get connected with the Award family, support AYP youth development work in Hong Kong.

Our vision is to connect Award holders and volunteers together and pass AYP spirit to the next generation. Together, we have the power to achieve!

You can be our Award Network Pioneer and expand Award Network. If you register through an existing member, both of you will receive a souvenir.

About the Award Network


Connect DEA and AYP Award recipients and volunteer together. Let’s get connected with the Award family, support AYP youth development in Hong Kong.

Our Missions

  • Foster relationship among DEA / AYP Award holders and volunteer
  • Encourage service and support to AYP in running the Award
  • Promote AYP through sharing our AYP good stories
  • Serve the community

Core Group members


Ms. Jeanne Cheng

Individual Members:

Mr. Calvin Chan
Ms. Teresa Mok
Mr. Elkin Lee
Mr. Lam Yu Wing
Mr. Ackman Tsang
Mr. Dino Sha
Ms. Ha Lai Ching
Ms. Phyllis Lo
Mr. Christopher Pang

Organization Members:

Award Operating Authority
Civil Aid Service Operating Authority
Hong Kong Playground Association Operating Authority
Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps Operating Authority
Schools Operating Authority
The Boys’ Brigade, Hong Kong Operating Authority
Yan Oi Tong Operating Authority
Hong Kong Police Operating Authority
Gold Award Holders Association Hong Kong

Award Office:

Ms. Joyce Chan, CEO of AYP

Get Involved

Award Network is ever expanding with both new Award recipients joining and reconnecting existing Award holders in Hong Kong. We are happy to organize various activities and look for benefit for members. Award Network members can get involved! If you have anything to share, do contact us!

Award Network members are invited to:
Initiate gatherings or service projects to the community
Share of your talent – to host workshops
Share or suggest good venues for hosting activities
Offer or refer a contact for purchase discount

Should you have any ideas to share, please contact Ms. Sinnie Ma at (852) 2157 8630 or


The Award Network aims to create synergy of AYPers to support AYP development, nurturing Hong Kong youth and passing on AYP spirit of challenge taking and perseverance to the next generation. Finance support is always crucial to the operation of the Award. Many a mickle makes a muckle. We sincerely invite Award holders to make donation to AYP. For details, please click here.

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