Adventure Park

Adventure Park is the first high event challenge course for a team of four in Hong Kong. Our climbing routes require participants to communicate with each other and have good teamwork and balance skills. Throughout the activity, participants enjoy the stunning views of Lam Tsuen while experiencing thrill and excitement during the training.

Semi-Indoor Challenge Course

Eight totally different challenge courses are available for participants to choose from. They are suitable for participants with different abilities and require them to cooperate to reach the top for success. More than that, the challenge courses are built in a covered area suitable under most weather conditions.


Abseiling requires participants to descend themselves to the ground by controlling a fixed rope. During the process, participants have to overcome their fear of heights and be confident in themselves to finish the challenge. They have support from their teammates on the ground. Hence, abseiling not only develops participants’ physical ability but also other attributes like mutual support.

Sport Climbing/ AR Climbing

Sport climbing is a popular sport in Hong Kong. It does not only rely on arm muscles but emphasizes lower body muscles that bear the weight of our body and help stabilize our movement. With the popularity of Augmented Reality (AR), we leverage this technology into sport climbing and introduce AR climbing to the public. This activity requires both climbing technique and intelligence to score points.

High Rope Course

Imagine yourself taking a challenge at an altitude of over 14 feet with three high-element activities! Participants have to break through their fear and step out of their comfort zone. Meanwhile, teammates cheer for each other and boost the confidence of the challenger by belaying to help and support them.