[Together we walk through this – Not afraid of danger, challenges and limits]

Quarantine centres are no doubt one of the feared items nowadays across the city. However, Lawrence, AYP Gold Award Holder and member of Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) participate as volunteer to work at Quarantine centres. Let’s see the reason behind.

Apart from frontline healthcare workers who are fighting the disease for us, a gang of volunteers from AMS also take their duty all the time effortlessly. Lawrence have started volunteering at Quarantine centres in the very beginning of this global challenge. Job duties include but not limited to sending close contacts people to Quarantine centres for investigation and conduct initial diagnosis for them as well.

“I have developed a strong sense of engagement with community throughout my entire Award journey. Satisfaction that I could gain from the volunteering work is incomparable and irreplaceable. The return that I got back is uncountable as money but mentally fulfilled. No matter how danger it is, I will keep devoting and have full protection to protect myself.”

Let’s fight against together! Take Lawrence as an good example under stressful period.

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