[Together we walk through this – Way under PPE]

Although the situation has become less tense, we should remain all the anti-COVID19 measures in order to keep protecting ourselves and each other. The most important thing is if we do not continue to behave well, efforts made by all the frontline workers and carers in the first stage of the virus will be wasted. Let’s see the story of AYP Gold Award Holder, member of Civil Aid Service, Jason Pang.

“I have been working in different quarantine centres include Lady MacLehose Holiday Village, Lei Yue Mun Park, Po Leung Kuk Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp and Chun Yeung Estate, with different responsibilities and duties assigned such as registration, sending on and off, distribution of means and daily necessities as well. I have to deal with different people in the working process, which I must credited to my AYP journey, which makes everything smoother and easier. Compared with my hiking experiences accumulated in Expeditions Section, wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to handle different work becomes a challenge, and this also motivates me to stay strong in every difficult occasions.”

Let’s be safe and remain all the anti-virus measures to tackle COVID-19 together!

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