[Together we walk through this – Suspending classes without suspending learning with Award Operating Authority!]

In response to COVID-19, Award Operating Authority used different ways to support participants in e-learning while staying at home. A video communications software was used in Korean class and dubbing class. And a social networking site was used in photography course, participants share their assignments in that platform. Suspending Classes without Suspending Learning.

Positive feedbacks were received from participants:
Anson Ho from Dubbing Course “It was great! Although it is not as good as having classroom learning, I was happy to see my classmates in e-class.”

Michelle Tong from Korean Course “In order not to delay the learning progress, AOA provided an e-learning platform during this epidemic. Having more time to learn Korean by watching Korean drama is definitely one of the benefits of staying at home.
Alvis Law from Photography Course “The course used social media platform in e-learning. It was innovative, time saving and most importantly can fulfil the necessary of learning during this suspension period.”


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