Event Brief

  • Date: 28 January 2024 (Sunday)
  • Venue: New Territories North East
  • Type: 2 – 4 members a team, 6 hours and 3 hours Score Race
  • Quota: 1,000 People, application is on a first-come-first-served basis (The organiser reserves the right to adjust the quota)
  • Meals: Free light meals will be provided​​
  • Training: For details, please refer to “Training and Preparation”
  • Deadline: 10 December (Sunday) 2023, 12:00 noon
  • Enquiry: 2157 8630 (Whatsapp)/rogaine@ayp.org.hk
Event Centre: The Hong Kong Award for Young People Jockey Club Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp
Competition Result

【Important】Race Information(Updated on 2024/01/24)





Participation Fee

Minimum Fundraising Amount

6 Hours Open Male Cup
Open Female Cup
Open Mixed Cup
All members aged 16 or above HK$400 per person HK$500 per person
6 Hours Youth Male Cup
Youth Female Cup
Youth Mixed Cup
All members aged 14 to 24 HK$200 per person HK$300 per person
3 Hours Family Cup 2 to 4 members per team
No gender restrictions
All team should at least include a parent aged 21 or above and a child aged 6 or above
HK$150 per person HK$250 per person
3 Hours FreshGainer Cup No gender restrictions
All members aged 14 or above and have never won first, second, or third place in any Rogaine event
3 Hours No.1 Schoolmate Cup – Male
No.1 Schoolmate Cup – Female
No.1 Schoolmate Cup – Mixed
Full-time secondary school students for all team members
  • All ages are calculated as of 1 January, 2024.
  • Participants must have basic map reading, compass usage knowledge, and good physical fitness.
  • Registration fees and minimum fundraising amounts must be paid by 30 November, 2023 (Thursday) or earlier.

After Race Carnival

AYP is collaborating with Lam Tsuen Wishing Square to hold a grand after-race carnival after Rogaine. In addition to game booths and workshops, the carnival will feature performances by Hong Kong singer-songwriter girl group Beanies and other performers. Travelling expert Chris Leung will also come and support racers, creating a festive atmosphere for participants to enjoy.

Furthermore, AYP will host the first Bronze Award Ceremony on the same day. After going through community service, skill development, sports projects, and hiking challenges, BronzeGain recipients will receive commendation during the ceremony. We hope that you can understand the philosophy and spirit of AYP and experience the energetic and resilient qualities of young people while enjoying a fulfilling and satisfying day in Lam Tsuen. Teamwork, sports, and nature enjoyers, this is the event you should not miss out!

Background of Rogaine

Rogaine was introduced to Hong Kong by The Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP) in 2007, and in the same year, AYP held the first 24-hours team orienteering competition. Rogaine challenges participants’ physical fitness, planning, and judgment skills, and its comprehensiveness aligns closely with AYP’s advocacy of fostering holistic youth development. Both emphasise young people to embrace new challenges, unleash their potential, and learn and grow from difficulties. Hitherto, Rogaine has become an annual large-scale fundraising team orienteering competition for AYP, raising funds to support youth development work.

How To Play

The competition is conducted in the form of Rogaining. Rogaining is a long-distance cross-country orienteering sport required participants to form teams of 2 to 4 members. Within the designated time, team members are recommended to use a compass and map provided by the organiser to determine the directions, find routes, hike to visit checkpoints, and collect the highest possible score. Upon reaching each checkpoint, participating teams must use an electronic control card to obtain specific points. The team with the highest total score in each category is the winner, and in case of a tie, the team that completes the course in the shortest time is declared the winner.



There is no designated route. Rogainers are free to plan their own competition route strategically, according to their abilities and preferences.



Planning is one of the most emphasised skills in Rogaine. Since participating teams are not allowed to receive supplies from sources other than those designated by the organiser along the way, competitors must prepare an adequate amount of food and water as in needed. Additionally, participating teams are required to submit a route plan map before start-off. If necessary, teams can make adjustments to their competition route during the event by filling out an intention forms at specified checkpoints.



With emphasis on teamwork, all teams consist of 2 to 4 members must reach checkpoints together to earn points. In order to cope with the long hour race, Rogaine has a higher physical requirement compared to regular orienteering events. In contrast to general hiking events, Rogaine places greater emphasis on map reading and route planning skills, making the competition more exciting and challenging.

General Rules of Scoring

Rogaine 2024 offers multiple categories, but a unified scoring method will be applied. Participants should familiarise themselves with the scoring method and rules before the competition, for developing strategies to make the best use of their time and strive for optimal results.

  • Teams are not allowed to depart before the competition officially begins as announced by the organiser.
  • If team members’ absence resulting in the remaining team members not meeting the requirements of the category, the remaining team members may continue to participate, but their results will not be considered.
  • Rogaine is a score event. Scores are assigned to checkpoints based on the difficulty and location of the terrain. Therefore, teams do not need to visit the checkpoints in a specific order but rather strategically plan their routes to maximise their score within the designated time.
  • The event will end at the specified time designated by the organiser. For every minute exceeding the time limit, a specific number of points will be deducted. With less than a minute, it will be counted as a full minute. Teams exceeding the time limit by 30 minutes or more will not receive any points or ranking.
  • After completing the competition, the organiser will confirm the total scores obtained by each team from visiting the checkpoints and deduct any penalty points to determine the overall team scores. The team with the highest score will be the winner. In the event of a tie, the team that completed the course in less time will be declared the winner.

Class Awards

Each category will have a champion, first runner-up, and second runner-up. If a category has less than 5 teams, only the champion will be awarded. All members of the champion, first runner-up, and second runner-up teams will receive medals and attractive prizes.

Participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded an electronic certificate and a finisher’s medal.

Event Procedures

Training Arrangement

Participants can participate in the pre-race training arranged by the organiser, which includes a lecture and a warm-up event. The fee is $200 per person. The pre-race training will be guided by professional coaches, and cover topics such as event explanation, map reading, orienteering skills, and practice, allowing participants to have a better understanding of the competition format and strive for better rankings in the event.


Date: 5 January, 2024 (Friday)
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: Buddhist Ho Nam Kam College (Address: 3, Ko Chiu Road, Yau Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.)

Warm-up event

Date (Choose one): 13 January, 2024 (Saturday) or 14 January, 2024 (Sunday)
Time: 1:30pm – 4:30pm (No waiting for late-comers)
Location: Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre (Bus 51 from Tsuen Wan Station to reach the destination)

Online Registration

End of Registration
(You can use Visa and MasterCard credit cards via PayPal for payment without registration of an account.)

Registration in Person or by Post

Please download the following documents and submit to Award Office in person or by post on or before 30 November 2023.
Address: Nos. 301-309, 3/F, Lai Kwai Hse., Lai Kok Est., Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon.
Cheque Payee: The Hong Kong Award for Young People
(Please write the team category and team leader’s name on the back of the cheque.)


Download Entry Form
Download Fundraising Form
Download Parental Consent Form


1. Where is the event centre?

The event centre is The Hong Kong Award for Young People Jockey Club Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp.

2. How long is the course for each category?

Rogaine is a scoring event; participants can design their own routes. The score is calculated based on the total points obtained by visiting various checkpoints, and there is no specific distance requirement.

3. Do participants need to compete at night?

All categories will start during the daytime on January 28, 2024. Participants in the 6-hour and 3-hour races do not need to compete at night under normal circumstances unless they experience delays that prevent them from returning to the finishing point within the specified time limit.


4. Do all team members need to participate together?

Rogaine is not a relay event. All team members must participate together. During the competition, each team member must stay within a distance of 10 meters. All team members must reach each checkpoint simultaneously. Violators will be disqualified from the competition.

5. If a team member withdraws during the competition, can the other team members continue?

If a team member withdraws, the entire team must return to the event centre and report to the organiser. The team will be considered as having completed the event. If other team members wish to continue participating in the competition, the organiser will decide whether to approve it based on the circumstances. Even if approved, the team will be considered as a new team, and their previous scores will not be counted.

6. Can a support team be established for the competition teams?

The participating teams must be self-sufficient and cannot accept assistance or support from others to complete the event. It is not allowed to pre-place equipment and food for the participating teams during the competition, nor can any supplies or food be provided by others or purchased from stores. Participants are not allowed to use any means of transportation and must complete the entire course on foot.


7. What competition supplies are provided by the organiser? When are they distributed?

The competition supplies provided by the organiser include race bibs, SI cards, and maps. Race bibs, SI cards, and maps are distributed on the day of the competition at the event centre.

8. Can a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver be used as a navigation tool?

Participants can only use a compass, watch, and the maps provided by the organiser as navigation tools. Other navigation tools, including pedometers, altimeters, and GPS receivers, are not allowed.

9. Can participants bring their own maps or use other maps during the competition?

Participants are not allowed to carry or use any maps other than the competition maps provided by the organiser.

10. How many maps are issued per team?

The number of maps issued depends on the actual number of participants present, with each person receiving one map.

11. How many SI cards are issued per team?

Each team member is issued one SI card.

12. Can the team continue the competition if a race bib is lost during the event?

If a team member loses a race bib, the team must return to the event center to obtain a replacement before continuing the competition. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

13. Can the team continue the competition if an SI card is lost during the event?

If a team loses an SI card, they must return to the event center to obtain a replacement and pay a compensation fee of HKD 700 to the organizers before being allowed to continue the competition. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

14. Which equipment is designated as mandatory equipment for the competition?

Each participant must carry a compass, whistle, watch, flashlight/headlamp, mobile phone, and drinking water. Each participating team must carry a first aid kit, waterproof pen, and insulation mat. (The actual list and quantity of designated equipment will be specified in the event information provided to the participants.)

15. Can the team continue the competition if designated equipment is lost during the event?

Participants and their teams are required to carry the designated group and personal equipment specified by the organiser. The staff will check the equipment before departure or during the competition. Failure to present the above-mentioned items will result in disqualification.

16. How to Wear SIAC Card?

17. Activating SIAC timing chip before race


18. Is it necessary for participants to wear the T-shirt provided by the organiser for the competition?

It is not mandatory, but the organiser recommend participants to wear the provided T-shirt for ease of identification by staff and rescue personnel.

19. Does the organiser provide drinking water?

Drink water will be available at event centre from afternoon awards. Participants must bring along an adequate supply of water for the race.

20. Does the organiser provide luggage storage service?

The organiser provide a luggage storage area. However, the organiser are not responsible for any personal belongings. Participants are recommended not to bring valuable items to the event.

21. Will participants receive certificates?

Participants who successfully complete the event will receive a free electronic certificate. The fee for a printed certificate is $30 per person, and the printed certificates will be sent to the team leader’s address by mail within two months after the event.


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