[Together we walk through this – Don’t stop learning something at home]

Class suspension does not mean stop learning. Keep going with your Award journey! Miss. Nam Ka Yi, participant of Silver Award, student from Tack Ching Girls’ Secondary School demonstrates a good example of continuing the Award at home in this critical time.

“Staying at home cannot stop me from doing my Award.” With a flexible and unique system, participants can do the Award anytime anywhere, and it’s totally adjustable! Learning English as her Skills Section, while Kayi is currently unable to attend lessons outside. However, her online learning English experience for Skills Section so far is progressing steadily with her foreign teacher. She also finds this way is much more interesting than having face-to-face lessons.

All of our lives are in some way affected by this. However, AYP acts as a good platform for young people to step out from their comfort zone with chances of facing challenges. Learning how to step up and keep going with our normal lives are another acquisition of skills for our youth.

No matter anywhere anytime, continue with The Award journey!

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