[Together we walk through this – Happy Share!]

Epidemic prevention supplies as well as daily necessities seem better to be more than enough at everyone’s home with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, under the insecure circumstances, there are still some heroes trying their best to help the community. Let see Mr. Dino SHA, our Silver Award Holder’s story. Inspired by the spirit of The Award, Dino no longer afraid of challenges but take it as an opportunity to step out of his comfort zone. He also increased engagement with the community by offering hands to needy and bearing responsibility. He also understand the importance of facing adversity with an accurate and positive value.

“Having ability to give is the best feeling for me! The virus unites all of us though it’s cruel as well. ” Dino worked hard on souring different epidemic supplies such as face masks, alcohol hand gel and containers during the very first stage of COVID-19. He didn’t have any mechanism to support but only his own hands. He also influenced his friends to join him to participate in this meaningful volunteering by distributing all the protective resources to the elderly and frontline cleaning workers. Dino wishes all of us can take one little step forward during this challenging time to provide extra support for each other!

Although the supply of epidemic prevention items has been less intense recently, hoping everyone to fight against Coronavirus with a “Happy Share” spirit!

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