HADO AR Dodgeball

HADO AR Dodgeball is the combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and traditional dodgeball. STEM elements are involved for participants to explore new technologies when doing exercise. Furthermore, each participant has a different role and they have to discuss with their teammates the strategies before each battle.

Drone Experience

The application of drones is universal such as disaster response, military surveillance, photo-taking, delivery of supplies, weather, and environmental monitoring. Participants learn about drones and how to control them precisely to avoid different obstacles.

RoboMaster Experience

RoboMaster is an educational robot with a first-person view that attracts participants with an unusual traveling experience and challenges participants’ hand-eye coordination. Moreover, RoboMaster is suitable for a friendly battle with LED Blaster and gameplay modes. Participants explore different possibilities within the robot and apply programming theory to practice.

Tie-dye Workshop

By participating in our Tie-dye Workshop, participants learn different tie-dyeing techniques and stimulate their creativity during the activity. Participants are often overwhelmed with their unique products and will use them daily.