Becoming our User Units

There are more than 600 User Units operating AYP in Hong Kong. Young people can join AYP through one of the user units.
If your organization is interested in becoming our User Unit, please contact Award Service & Operations Division at (852) 2157 8610 for further discussion.

Role of Operators

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User Unit Leaders

Operating Authorities are licensed by AYP to carry out the Award according to the programme’s objectives and conditions. Responsibilities for the operations of the Award are delegated from the Operating Authorities to User Units.

Each User Unit can have one or more user unit leader. Apart from administrative duties, our user unit leaders are responsible for promoting AYP and organizing activities, offering assistance to our participants to complete the Award. For details, please refer to the Guide book.


Operating Authorities will appoint qualified or experienced Instructors/Assessors.

Instructors/Assessors will meet the participants to discuss the progress of the activity and expectations for the next phase of the activity plan. Participants will be assessed on effort, perseverance and progress.

Apart from the above, there are specific requirements for each of the Five Sections. Please refer to the respective Section Hand Books for details.

More than an Award Pull-up Display Set (Chinese & English)
(4 in a set, 160cm x 60cm)

Promotion Tools

AYP General Information Leaflet

AYP JCDETC Information Leaflet

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AYP Green Bird in Action Information Leaflet

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Seminars and Trainings