The Framework


1) AYP is open for young people 14 to 24 years old.
2) We welcome young people to join as follows:

Bronze: 14 years old or above

Silver: 15 years old or above

Gold: 16 years old or above.

Activities completed before 16th birthday are not accepted.
You can choose joining Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award Level.
3) Minimum age requirement for receiving the award is as follows:
Bronze: All participants 14.5 years old
Silver: Bronze Award Holder 15.5 years old
Direct Entry: 16 years old
Gold: Silver Award Holder 17 years old
Direct Entry: 17.5 years old
4) The last date for entry is the 23rd birthday and the upper age limit is 24. Activities count for the Award must be completed before 25th birthday.

Award Levels

The Award consists of 3 levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Participants of all levels must fulfil the requirements and complete the following 4 sections:




Physical Recreation

Residential Project

Steps to attain the Award


AYP is about self-challenge and our programmes cover voluntary service and extra curricular activities. You should study the details before joining. You may find useful information in this website, or may visit Award Office/Operating Authorities for details. Some Operating Authorities may have specific recruitment targets and you may choose the suitable one to join.


To begin your AYP journey, you should purchase a record book through an Operating Authority. All Award activities should be recorded on the record book for evaluation. Only activities undertaken after the enrollment will be counted. You will be asked to provide personal information during the enrollment. Should there be changes on the information, you should inform Operating Authority immediately for correspondences update.



Selection of Activities

You may choose your activities according to your abilities and interests and please refer to the guidelines in AYP Handbook. Except Expeditions Section, you may plan your Award activities for assessment. You may choose the same activity for different levels (e.g. choosing Karate for both the Bronze and Silver Level) and improvement should be shown in the advanced level.


You have to invite instructors to provide guidance to your selected activities. For activities organized by an individual body/institution, you can pick that instructor. Please inform the User Unit before the start of an activity; if the activities are chosen by you, that instructors have to be approved by User Units. The assessment of activities will be taken by experienced and knowledgeable assessors. In general, the assessor for Bronze/Silver Award activities will be the assessed instructor and you should invite them before the start of activity. The assessors of Gold Award level are appointed by respective Section Panel.


Invitation of Instructors

Approval of Activities

After inviting suitable instructors for assessing Bronze and Silver activities, you need to report your definite plan of actions to the leaders of your Operating Units. There is no set syllabus or common standard to achieve. You should set challenging, realistic and achievable goals within the time frame. For Gold Award activities, you need to present the plan to Section Panels at least 1 month before the starting date. Only activities recorded will be recognized with the approval from the Operating Units/Section Panels.


You should keep progress of the activities as scheduled and keep contact with the assessors to evaluate the progress of and performance.


Scheduling Progressed Activities

Record of Activities

You should keep record of the progress and details of the activities for assessors and Operating Authorities to review after completion.


Upon completion of the Award activities, you should ask your instructors and assessors to endorse on the record book to certify the progress and performance. Gold award participants shall meet the Section Panels to prove your activity record, where Section Panels will endorse for certification.



Attain the Award

Participant fulfilling the requirements for each Level will be awarded a certificate and a pin. Bronze Award Presentation will be organized by the Operating Authorities; Silver Award Presentation will be organized by the Award Office, and the Silver Awards will be presented by celebrities. Participants are required to complete the Notification of Attainment of Silver Award before the deadline of presentation ceremony (Some Operating Authorities may have special arrangements for their participants). Gold Awards will be presented by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Participants are required to complete the Notification of Attainment of Gold Award and hand in their record books before the deadline.


Start your Award Journey


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Useful Links for Five Sections

Service Section
Agency for Volunteer Service The Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme
Occupational Safety & Health Council HKFYG Youth Volunteer Network
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service Hong Kong Red Cross
YMCA of Hong Kong Heep Hong Society
Against Child Abuse Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth
The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf Evangel Children’s Home
The Conservancy Association Society of Boys’ Centres
The Free Methodist Church of Hong Kong Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired
Christian Action Hong Kong Children & Youth Services
The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong Wu Oi Christian Centre
Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service Hong Kong Student Aid Society
Hong Kong Sports Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability Po Leung Kuk
New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association World Vision Hong Kong
Skills Section
Worldskills Hong Kong Post Stamps
The Hong Kong Children’s Choir Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong
British Council Hong Kong Alliance Francaise
Goethe-Institut Hong Kong Vocational Training Council
HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education CityU School of Continuing and Professional Education
CUHK School of Continuing and Professional Studies HKBU School of Continuing Education
Expeditions Section
AFCD-Enjoy Hiking Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association
Hong Kong Mountaineering Association FolloMe
Camping Association of Hong Kong, China Hong Kong Observatory
Physical Recreation Section
Hong Kong Sports Institute Orienteering Association of Hong Kong
Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China Hong Kong Island Archery Club
Residential Project Section
Outward Bound Hong Kong VolTra
Youth Development Commission Hong Kong Youth Exchange Platform

Gold Award
Requirements Age 16 or above
Service At least 100 hours spread over at least 12 months
Expeditions 4 days 3 nights
Skills At least 12 months for those who have completed this Section
at Silver; or at least 18 months for Gold direct entrants
Physical Recreation 36 points
Residential Project Spend at least 5 days 4 nights in a residential setting

Silver Award
Requirements Age 15 or above
Service At least 30 hours spread over at least 6 months
Expeditions 3 days 2 nights
Skills At least 6 months for those who have completed this Section
at Bronze; or at least 12 months for Silver direct entrants
Physical Recreation 30 points

Bronze Award
Requirements Age 14 or above
Service At least 15 hours spread over at least 3 months
Expeditions 2 days 1 night
Skills At least 6 months
Physical Recreation 24 points