A Word from the CEO

In the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has been constantly changing, we have learned to be more flexible and adaptable, and to cherish what we have. As life and the society return to normal with vitality, AYP looks forward to working together with young people to pursue their dreams with courage, and cultivating an environment with hope and potentials that can be ‘More than Imagination’.

Nurturing the holistic development of the young people has always been our AYP’s primary goal. Young people from different background encounter various challenges as they grow up, and AYP will continue to play an important role as a bridge to cultivate young people’s creativity and diverse talents. A series of creative and tailored programmes in different aspects, such as space exploration, aerospace technology, career planning, arts, go green and emerging sports, have been launched. We will also organise activities out of Hong Kong for young people to interact with their counterparts in China and around the world, to inspire them to step out of their comfort zones, and to unleash their potentials towards their dreams.

Following the launch of the “Youth Development Blueprint” by the Government, which outlines the vision and overall guiding principles for youth development, AYP will continue to collaborate closely with different government departments and organisations to encourage young people to think out of the box, capture opportunities for potential developments, and create limitless possibilities!

Joyce Chan
CEO of The Hong Kong Award for Young People
May 2022