A Word from the CEO

With explosive information nowadays, everyone absorbs lots of information every day and lives with a stressful pace of life. Stepping into “60+1” this year, let’s go back to nature and connect with it together!

AYP has all along been following new trends and launching more brand-new elements programmes so that young people from different backgrounds can be inspired to broaden their horizons, explore their potential and influence others during the process.

This year, we will continue to cooperate with government departments, different organisations and institutions through innovative ideas and technological activities, such as virtual reality (VR) training and digital art, so all of us can feel the beauty of nature from a new perspective and achieve a balanced development from body, mind and spirit. We hope we can learn how to protect these precious resources and heritage, and contribute to our Mother Nature ultimately.

The world is constantly changing. We will keep pace moving with the times and act as an important bridge to allow young people to experience diversified adventure training, skills learning, cultural exchanges, recreation activities and social service so as to achieve whole-person development. In the future, we will continue to catch up with the young generation, and look forward to working side by side with them to create more impossibility.

Joyce Chan
CEO of The Hong Kong Award for Young People
January 2022