Archery Combat

Archery Combat is an emerging sport that makes you feel like in a war zone by using bows and foam-tipped arrows. The game is exciting and action-packed, not to mention requiring a lot team strategies. For safety reasons, participants are required to put on a mask and an elbow sleeve to prevent injuries.


Mölkky is a newly emerged sport that emphasizes the action of throwing. It does not require a lot of physical strength and has no complicated rules so suitable for everyone at any age. This activity trains participants’ small muscles to throw accurately. Moreover, participants have to constantly discuss strategies with their teammates which trains their communication skills.

Floor Curling

It is not easy to experience curling in Hong Kong because it requires much space. To cope with that, we introduced Floor Curling which is a newly emerged sport suitable for most ages and abilities. Most importantly, Floor Curling trains participants to focus, plan, communicate, have teamwork, and be resilient.