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AOA Adventurous Journey Training Courses (Hiking) 2023-24 (Chinese Only)

AOA is going to organize Adventurous Journey Training Courses (Hiking) 2023-24 from September 2023 to April 2024. They aim to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery by having a challenging journey with an agreed purpose in the countryside. Activity Details (Gold Level) Activity Details (Silver Level) Activity Details (Bronze) Online application form

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Funding Scheme for Youth Adventure Training Activities ( More Than Adventure)

Under the “Funding Scheme for Youth Adventure Training Activities” funded by the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Youth Development Commission, the Hong Kong Award for Young People is launching the “More Than Adventure” programme and it is now open for application. The programme includes diverse elements such as adventure training, emerging sports, environmental protection, innovative technology, volunteer service and etc. Programme objectives: In line with the “Youth Development Blueprint,” the programme targets to provide adventure training activities of quality and scale for young people in a structured manner. Through taking part in adventure training and a series of experiential activities under the progressive guidance and involvement of instructors, the programme aims to improve young people’s physical and mental well-being, and foster their positive thinking, resilience, sense of discipline and team spirit. Programme contents: Team rope course, innovative challenge competition, emerging sports game, outdoor orienteering, team building challenges, night adventure, etc. Target: (1) Hong Kong residents aged between 14 and 18, or (2) Secondary 3 to 6 students in Hong Kong, or (3) Full-time tertiary students aged 25 or below. Types of Camps: One-day day camp (with an online briefing session prior), two-day day camp (with consecutive daily attendance),…

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Jockey Club Row for Future Scheme

Jockey Club Row for Future Scheme We aim to help young people to develop their knowledge and interest in water sports through VR rowing, board rowing training and coastal rowing journey. They will be offered chances to try VR rowing at schools first, then board rowing and coastal rowing in our Expeditions Centre in Sai Kung, and eventually obtain an instructor qualification. While promoting a healthy lifestyle to our youths, we are eager to popularize rowing sports and deliver Olympic values throughout the programme. Target Young people who want to challenge themselves or explore an active lifestyle.   Click Here to Register Like and follow Facebook Follow Instagram

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CLP Smart Evening Camp

CLP Smart Evening Camp – To visit the first CLP E-Playground with energy, power engineering and environment in Hong Kong and experience new camp activities of AYP Jockey Club Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp, which opened in 2021. Target: General Public >>CLP Smart Evening Camp Application Form<<

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CLP Power Ambassador Programme

Co-organised with CLP Power Ltd., CLP Power Ambassador Programme aims to provide knowledge in application of technology transfer, energy efficiency and renewable energy towards youth. They will become “CLP Power Ambassadors” and perform volunteering services and STEM education. The 2021-2022 CLP Power Ambassador Programme Application Form (Chinese Only)

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Jockey Club “Camily” Project

Designed to improve family communication and appreciation. Through Skills, Physical Recreation and Expeditions activities, children will enhance their self-esteem and self-care ability, and parents will better understand children’s personalities, abilities and interests thus strengthen family bonds. Target Family with children aged 6-18 (Priority will be given to low-income families) Jockey Club “Camily” Project Application Form

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Suspension of Souvenirs Sales

Please note that due to annual stock-take, the Award Headquarters and
Award Centres will suspend souvenirs sales (include Record Book and Record Card) from
18 March to 3 April 2024.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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