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SUNRise FUNday

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7 – 8 March 2015
SUNRise FUNday, held on 7-8 March 2015, was the first hiking event organised by the Award Network. This
time, we visited the famous sunrise watching spot – Lantau Peak. Due to the unstable weather and the
relatively challenging route, we were worried about the participation rate. It was quite a thrill when we realised
that enrollment was much better than we expected. All participants arrived at the youth hostel in Ngong Ping on
7 March and enjoyed a rich hotpot dinner together. In the very early morning of 8 March, our journey kicked
off when the sky was still dark with thick fog. Yet, all participants did not let down by the unfavourable weather.
With the stern support and encouragement from teammates, everyone was cheered up by each other on their way
up to the Lantau Peak. At the peak, the visibility was very low and the sun was lying lazily inside the cloud when
we arrived, but it had not hided away the joy and excitment of the participants. Everybody shared snacks with
teammates and took photos and selfies around. Looking at the happy and smiling faces, we being Members of the
Organising Group are satisfied that the event is a great success.

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