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Castles Can Fly ™ x AYP Leadership Training

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27 October, 10 & 23 November 2013
To support “More than a Sandcastle” FUNday held on 1 December 2013, and to provide interesting
and meaningful training opportunities for Award Network members, the Award Network particularly
invited Castles Can Fly ™ to offer “Castles Can Fly ™ x AYP Leadership Training” in October
and November 2013. All participants in the training not only have learnt to build sandcastles, but have
experiencedthe skills of leading group activities as well as the power and fruitful outcome of team work.
All members who have completed the training have provided strong support to the “More than a
Sandcastle” FUNday by using the skills and knowledge that they have acquired. Their support has
contributed to the success of the “More than a Sandcastle” FUNday.

Day 1 training>>

Day 2 training>>

Day 3 training>>

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