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‘More than a Sandcastle’ FUNday

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1 December 2013
With planning and preparation for almost half a year, involving more than 50 Organising Group members and
volunteers from AY P and the Award Network, the “More than a Sandcastle” FUNday was successfully held
on 1 December 2013 in Shek O Beach under the bright sunshine.

This is the first larged-scaled event of the Award Network since its establishment two years ago. The event
was joined by more than 300 participants of different ages, in the combination of families, friends, and big and
small organisations. All of them bore the same goals – joining forces, working together and piling dream
sandcastles with hearts. They were all happy to beat the challenge and to share the FUN and fruits of team
work. At the end of the FUNday, everybody enjoyed the sense of achievement and excitement by looking at
different sandcastles sitting on the beach with their own characteristics and creativity.

The smooth conduct of the “More than a Sandcastle” FUNday is attributable to the time, energy and efforts
of the Organising Group, volunteers from AYP family, as well as the Castles Can Fly™ and its professional
crew to bring us a remarkable and pleasant day with FUN. With this in mind, the Award Network wish to
express our deepest gratitude to all parties and friends who have offered your help and support to the
“More than a Sandcastle” FUNday. We wish you continue to support AYP and the Award Network.

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