Adventurous Journey Instructors Central Registration Scheme(CRS)
Operation Guidelines
A) Purpose

Adventurous Journey Instructors Central Registration Scheme (CRS) aims to improve the standard and quality of AYP Adventurous Journey Instructors and enhance their legitimacy among Operating Authorities (OAs).  It also aims to assist and encourage OAs to flexibly use of the existing manpower resources in AYP to organise Adventurous Journey courses.

B) Operating Unit

The operating unit, Central Registration Unit (CRU), is under the governance of Adventurous Journey Section Panel and its members are appointed by Adventurous Journey Section Panel Convener.  Members include 1-4 representatives from Adventurous Journey Section Panel and 1-2 instructor or staff representatives from all OAs (staff representative not more than 1 person).  CRU Convener shall be selected within the CRU by vote from its members and CRU Secretariat will be headed up by the Award Office. 

Instructor representatives of the CRU must be CRS registered instructor with more than 10 years of experience as Adventurous Journey Instructor. 

Terms of reference for the CRU:

  1. To operate the CRS
  2. To keep constant review of the CRS and give recommendations for amendments to respective Panel and Committee as and when necessary.
C) Registration Procedure

All OAs are eligible to nominate their own Adventurous Journey instructors to join the CRS.  Registration Form of the CRS may be downloaded from the AYP website  Applicants should complete and return the Registration Form to be signed by the OA concerned, together with registration fee and supporting document/Record Form to the CRU Secretariat.  The Registration Procedures normally take about 3 months.  The tenure of registration is three calendar years. Upon expiry, those registered Adventurous Journey Instructors may start to apply for re-registration six months before the expiry date.  It should be noted that late application for re-registration for over six months after the expiry date would not be entertained.

D) The Tenure of Registration

Under normal circumstances, registration will last for 3 calendar years.  Re-registration is required upon the date of expiry.

E) Registration Criteria
1. New Instructor Registration

All AYP Adventurous Journey Instructors Training Courses organised by OAs should be designed according to the “Guidelines on Training Adventurous Journey Instructors/Assessors” as stated in the Award Handbook (Rules & Regulations). Course information must reach the CRU at least two months before the course commences if the OA concerned would like to have their newly appointed Adventurous Journey instructors to be registered under the CRS. It should be noted that the course organiser should arrange no less than one hour in the course for the CRU to introduce the aim and operation of the CRS to the participants. Members of the CRU will pay visits to the course with the aim to ensure that the course is running according to the aforesaid guidelines. Upon completion of the course, the OA concerned may nominate their newly appointed instructors to join the CRS.

2. Re-Registration

In order to be re-registered, those registered Adventurous Journey instructors must have at least 30 hours of service in conducting Adventurous Journey Training and attending Adventurous Journey related self-enhancement training during the tenure of registration. However, they should have at least 10 hours of Adventurous Journey service and 5 hours of self-enhancement training. The OA concerned needs to certify the service and self-enhancement training attendance record of their appointed Adventurous Journey Instructors before nominating them to the CRU for re-registration.

Under normal circumstances, the service record of outdoor training is counted as follows: –
a) 4 hours for a half-day outdoor activity
b) 8 hours for a whole day outdoor activity

If the instructor registered more than 1 speciality, service records for all specialties are counted altogether.
Self-enhancement training should be related to Adventurous Journey Section. For enquiries, please call the CRU secretariat.

3. Registration to a New Specialty

Registered Adventurous Journey instructors who wish to register to a new specialty are required to be trained according to the “Guidelines on Training Adventurous Journey Instructors/Assessors” stated in the Award Handbook (Rules & Regulations). Upon completion of the training, the OA concerned may appoint them as Instructor of that specialty and nominate them to the CRU for registration.

4. Registration for Upgraded Adventurous Journey Instructors

Registered Adventurous Journey instructors who would like to upgrade their status as higher-level instructors, they must follow the “Guidelines on Training Adventurous Journey Instructors/Assessors” stated in the Award Handbook (Rules & Regulations). Those up-graded Adventurous Journey instructors are required to inform the CRU by completing the Registration Form. Up-grade for different specialties should be arranged separately.

5. Registration Under Special Circumstances

For application other than the above categories, CRU will consider it on a case-by-case basis.

F) Proof of Registration

All successful registered instructors will be informed by CRU in writing and Adventurous Journey Instructor I.D. Cards will be issued to them, which bear their name, registration number, level of instruction and expiry date of registration.

G) Appeal on Registration

Adventurous Journey Instructors who may want to make an appeal against any registration result must be direct to Adventurous Journey Section Panel in writing.

H) List of Registered Adventurous Journey Instructor

List of registered instructors will be uploaded to AYP website. Information will include name of instructor, registration number, registration expiry date, level, speciality and OA.

I) Registration Fee

New Registration                   : Free of charge
Re-Registration                      : Free of charge
New Speciality Registration : Free of charge
Up-grade Registration          : Free of charge
Re-issue of Registration       : HK$50

J) Amendment of CRS Operation Guidelines

Respective Committee may amend the CRS operation guidelines with reference to the recommendation of the CRU.