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“Night Shot • Star Trails” – Wild Camp to Experience Night and Star Photography

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In the starry summer of this year, the Award Network has organised a trendy outdoor activity –
“Night Shot•Star Trails” – Experiential Camp to Explore Night and Star Photography (Wild Camping)

Held at The Hong Kong Award for Young People Jockey Club Expeditions Centre in Tsam Chuk Wan, Sai Kung,
the two-day event was fully packed with FUN and excitement. It was kicked off with great food in BBQ, in which
all participants got to know each other and shared the experience in photo-taking. The Organising Committee
also prepared frozen watermelon as a surprise brought to the participants in the mid-summer.

Immediately after the dinner, a session to learn photographic skill began. Elkin and Angus, voluntary instructors
on photography, shared different photo pieces to illustrate composition of images, skills of shooting star trails
and light graffiti, observation of constellation and to share mythical stories. It was an eye-opening sharing
session and participants were all eager to take photos on their own and challenge themselves.

At late night, all participants proceeded to the lawn for practicing night and star photography. A lot of
them successfully took shots of star trails and creative light graffiti. Each and every one of the participants
enjoyed very much and only returned to their tent for rest in small hours.

On the next day, the Organising Committee gathered the best photos taken by each participant, who also had
a chance to present their ideas and experience in taking the pictures. Constructive feedback was also received
from the instructors, and some even won different prizes. All participant were satisfied and happy with the event.

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