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“Three Corps‧Youth‧Joint Competition” (〝三軍‧青年‧聯合比賽〞)

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5 – 7 April 2015
The “Three Corps‧Youth‧Joint Competition” (〝三軍‧青年‧聯合比賽〞) was jointly organised by the
Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps, the Hong Kong Adventure Corps, the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps and the
Hong Kong Award for Young People. Through a series of battle of wits (including steeplechase, bamboo raft,
sea challenge, high rope, urban treasure hunt, orienteering, outdoor cooking, etc.), the competition aimed to
nurture the team spirit and collaboration of young people in Hong Kong.

The competition was held on 5-7 April 2015. AYP and the Award Network were represented by a team of
four Award Network Members in the competition. After rounds of focus training, AYP team successfully won
the second runner-up and returned with triumph.

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