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Dr.Irene Tang AYP International Exchange Programme Fund


Dr. Irene Tang AYPInternational Exchange Programme Fund is jointly
set up by Dr. Irene Tang and The Hong Kong Award for Young People
(AYP), with the aim to support personal development of Hong Kong's
underprivileged youths.

The Fund subsidises youths with limited means to take part in
international exchange programmes, with the objective to broaden
their international exposure as well as improve their interpersonal
and leadership skill


  1. To support AYP participants and volunteers from various
    backgrounds, with limited means, to take part in AYP's
    international exchange programmes;                  

  2. To help AYP participants and volunteers in personal
    development, improving interpersonal skills, leadership
    development and building a greater sensitivity and  
    awareness of the global issues through participating in
    AYP's international exchange programmes.

Eligibility and Requirements

  1. Applicants must be AYP participants or volunteers, undertaking
    AYP's international exchange programmes or training;

  2. Those programmes must be held outside Hong Kong;

  3. The programme should for most of the time allow participants
    to get along and communicate with the participants/residents of
    the territory or other parts of the world.

Selection Criteria

  1. Applicant's background and financial need.

  2. Applicant's Award-gaining progress.

  3. Nature of the programme.

  4. Applicant's exchange experience.

  5. Ability to contribute to the Scheme upon completion of the activity.

Application Details

Application Guidelines

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Individual Application

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Group Application

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Tel : 2157 8610

Email : award@ayp.org.hk


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