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About AOA

The Award Operating Authority (AOA) was established in 1963. It was the first Operating Authority set up under the Award Scheme in Hong Kong. The daily works of AOA are to liaise with different User Units, assisting them to operate the Award Scheme. Moreover, AOA helps promoting the Award Scheme to different organizations, to give assistance to them for becoming User Units. In other words, the main responsibilities of AOA are to set up new User Units, to give support to the existing User Units as well as to nurture potential User Unit to become Operating Authority in the future.

There are now over 55 User Units with around 19,000 participants joining AYP. AOA User Units include social service agencies, uniform groups, youth centres, universities and colleges and each User Unit operates independently. Since different User Units might have different backgrounds and cultures, they would have their own ways and styles in operating the Award. Moreover, the Gold Award Unit (GAU) was specially set up to help Gold Level participants to complete their Gold Awards. Furthermore, Students Affiliated Unit and Schools Affiliated Units (SAU) are formed respectively in 2016 & 2017 to further expand our services to school leavers.