We Stand Together!

Since the year of 2020 to 2022, Hong Kong and other parts of the world were affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, AYP faced the pandemic with our young people with resiliency and remained steadfast in our commitment in cultivating and inspiring young people.

Stepping into 2022, let’s stay strong and strive for a better tomorrow!


In the early stage, AYP rapidly implemented precautionary measures at our centres and camp sites. Visitors and colleagues were required to wear surgical masks, have temperature check and signed health declaration form.

During the year, AYP conducted over 50 online programs for hundreds of award participants and leaders, including workshops, webinars, sharing sections and training courses, to let them continue to study and learn during the pandemic.


AYP initiated the Anti-COVID19 Packs Distribution Scheme. Award participants, holders and instructors showed their support by joining preparation work and distributing packs to youngsters in need. At the end, 1,500 packs were distributed to young people. Most of them were with financial needs.


“AYP Stay Sanitized Challenge” was launched. We hope to encourage people around the globe to stay positive and remind them to stay sanitized at all times.


Our long-awaited microfilm was released. Ambassadors shared hiking safety tips and reminded us to have prevention measures while enjoying hiking.


The 98th Silver Award Presentation was successfully held with special measures. We maintained social distancing throughout the presentation and recipients were divided into small groups before entering the main hall.


AYP introduced the Sports Empower Scheme, which is a platform for youth to learn and master emerging sports so that they can gain coaching experience. These young people will be trained to be professional coaches and grasp opportunities in sports industry and development.

April 2021

The 99th Silver Award Presentation was successfully held. We used partitions to separate the attendees into small groups to ensure safety of our guests and reduce social contact.

The Gold Award Presentation 2019 & 2020 was held. In order to reduce social contact and maintain social distancing, a series of precautionary measures were implemented. The presentation was held in 2 sessions and guests of each session were divided into small groups by partitions.


Youngsters learned leadership and communication skills during “Youth Serves for Elderly” project. With the help of AI robot “TEMI”, they conducted online volunteer services, sang and played games together with elderly.


‘YOUTH WE 3ERVE’ Mental Health Ambassador Training Programme Kick-off Ceremony was successfully held on 6th June 2021, to support youth mental health during the pandemic. The kick-off ceremony adopted a series of precautionary measures and partitions to separate guests and participants to ensure safety and reduce social contact.


AYP 60th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon was also successfully completed under strict precautionary measures. Besides taking temperature measurements, scanning “LeaveHomeSafe” and provided Vaccination Record Card before the event, all guests and staff must wear masks through the event.

January to February 2022

Facing the Fifth Wave of the epidemic outbreak, AYP continues to run more flexible workshops in Zoom for young people to keep their learning schedules going.

March 2022

In order to fight against the fifth wave of the pandemic, our Chairman of Award Council, Council Members, Committee Members, colleagues, Gold Awardees, participants and volunteers of AYP worked together for two consecutive days to package anti-epidemic service bags. By providing more than 10,000 anti-epidemic service bags, AYP wishes to contribute more power to the public for fighting against this period of time together!