Basic Information

  • Date: 23rd January 2022 (Sunday)
  • Venue: Lam Tsuen, Tai Po
  • Format: 2 Hours & 4 Hours Virtual Orienteering
  • Quota: 300 People, application is on a first-come-first-served basis (The organiser reserves the right to amend the quota)
  • Requirement: 2-4 members/team, teammates of any gender aged 14 or above
  • Cost: $50 per person
  • Meals: No meal will be provided​
  • Training: Free briefing sessions will be provided. Details please refer to “Event Preparation
  • Deadline: 6p.m., 16th January 2022 (Sunday)

Setting Your Own Route

The race itself has no set route; Rogainers set their strategy, plan their own route according to their ability and preference.​

Virtual Orienteering

While maintaining social distancing, experience the joy of Rogaine by using real-life route planning skills together with GPS Check-in.

Combine Physical Challenge & Judgement

Rogaine requires map reading and route planning skills more than hiking. The requirement of physical challenge & judgement makes it a challenging and exciting game.​

Event Preparation

Event Format

Rogaine Virtual Challenge has 2 classes, whereas same rules of scoring is applied. Participants are advised to attend the briefing sessions provided to familiarise themselves with the scoring system before the competition, master Rogaine’s rules and set their own strategies tactically.

  • The event emphasises challenging oneself rather than racing for awards. We hope that Rogainers can experience the joy of orienteering with teammates and strengthen communication and collaboration skills
  • By using MapRun6 App, Rogainers take the checkpoints within a specific time
  • The score of each checkpoint varies depending on its accessibility and difficulty. Teams can plan to challenge different checkpoints according to their ability

Briefing Session Arrangement

All Rogainers are advised to attend free briefing sessions. The date, time and venue will be announced in due course. Briefing will include map reading, orienteering skills, MapRun6 App demonstration and practice.

Rogainers Manual

Rogainers Manual will be uploaded in due course. Please read the content carefully before the event.



1. Where is the start point and end point?

The start point and end point will be The Hong Kong Award for Young People Jockey Club Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp.

2. What is the distance each team required to travel?

here are no fixed routes and the parts of the course Rogainers visited are entirely up to the team members.


3. What kind of competition materials will be provided by the organiser? When will such materials be provided?

The organiser will provide maps at Event Centre on the event day. All participants are required to take the map before they start.

4. Can GPS be used for navigation?

The only navigational aids that may be carried on the course are magnetic compasses, watches and copies of the map provided by organiser. GPS function on MapRun6 App is used for points taking only. The possession of other navigational aids, including pedometers, altimeters and GPS device with map display is prohibited during the event.

5. Can participant bring their own maps or use other maps for the event?

Apart from the map provided by the organiser, no other maps in whatever format are to be used during the event.

6. What kinds of equipment are necessary for the event?

Prepare adequate food and drinks for the whole course, including water, energy bar or energy drinks. Please wear suitable outfit for the activity, such as sportswear and hiking shoes. Take appropriate sun protection measures such as wear loose-fitting clothing.


7. Will water be provided by the organiser?

Event Centre will NOT provide water. Competitors will have to bring enough water for the event.

8. How is luggage storage arranged?

No luggage storage will be arranged. Participants should not bring valuables to the event and should take care of their personal belongings.


Organising Committee

Chairlady Ms. Tina WONG Ting

Member Ms. Moraine CHAN

Member Mr. Timothy HASSAN

Member Mr. Wing Chow KWOK

Member Mr. Kam Fu NG

Member Mr. Ka Hang POON

Member Ms. Jennifer YEUNG

Member Mr. Sai Hong YU