The outdoor education camp (2023-2024) will be available for reservations from May 16 to 9 a.m. in 2023. The minimum number of applicants is 40.

Outdoor Education Camp Scheme information and form

1. OECS application form
2. General information
3. Outdoor Education Camp Scheme Poster – Primary School
4. Outdoor Education Camp Scheme Poster – Secondary School

Application Procedure:
1. Before deciding to use this camp, please refer to the outdoor education camp leaflet listed above. All education camps in primary and secondary schools will follow this procedure. If you need to have any modifications, please consult with the staff.
2. Call 2627 2000 to reserve any bookings.
3. Within 7 days from the day when the camp is reserved, Download and fill in the appropriate outdoor education camp application form, and email ( to confirm the period of bookings and the number of participants. The deposit will be charged.
4. Pay the booking fees through bank deposit (check/cash), please fill in the school name and camp period on the deposit slip and email it back to the campsite and call for confirmation
5. The staff will contact the school and send out a schedule about the education camp activities for further information.
6. Please pay attention to various safety measures and refer to the “Outdoor Activities Guidelines” issued by the Education Bureau.
For any inquiries, please contact Mr. Leung, Tel: (852) 2627 2060.