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There are currently about 130 countries or cities operating the Programme with totally over 1,300,000 youth participants. To learn more about the International Award Association, please visit

Country/Region Award Name
Benin Le Mérite International de la Jeunesse
Cameron Order National du Merite de la Jeunesse
Côte d'Ivoire Le Mérite National de la Jeunesse
The Gambia The President's Award
Ghana The Head of State Award Scheme
Guinea Mérite des Jeunes de Guinée
Kenya The President's Award - Kenya
Lesotho The Prince Mohato Award
Madagascar Le Mérite International de la Jeunesse à Madagascar
Mauritius National Youth Achievement Award
Nigeria The International Award for Young People Nigeria
Senegal Le Mérite International de la Jeunesse
Seychelles The President's Award Programme
Sierra Leone National Youth Award
South Africa The President's Award for Youth Empowerment
St Helena The Duke of Edinburgh's Award
Swaziland Prince Makhosini Award
Togo Merite International de la Jeunesse - Togo
Uganda Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Uganda
Zambia The President's Youth Award, Zambia

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