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CEO Message – January 2018

Dear Friends,

As a new year begins, it offers an opportunity to start things fresh and make sincere commitments to do new tasks. Though 2017 came to the end, I have had breath taking moments that touched my heart to re-awaken and renew my passion to care more for the young people and the earth we live.

I attended a sharing of a 2017 Gold Award Holder who graduated from South Island School, Ms. Marin Minamiya, at the age of 19 becoming the youngest Japanese ever to conquer the Mt Everest in 2016. She also achieved the seven summits and the two poles expeditions. Regardless all her remarkable achievements, she presented humbly that her expedition journey started when she first joined the Award. Her words hit my heart deeply how the Award built her life.

I was grateful to attend the triennial International Gold Event 2017 at Czech Republic which brought 76 young delegates from 42 countries within the Award family together, to equip them to undertake ongoing leadership roles regionally, nationally and globally. I was proud to witness Mr. Christopher Pang, Hong Kong Gold Award holder, was elected as the Emerging Leader Representatives of Asia Pacific Region. He will represent young people of Asia Pacific Region to attend the International Council meetings and also regional conferences in the next three years.

Locally we had Ms. Carol Wong, Gold Award participants, was awarded the Secretary for Home Affairs' Commendation Scheme for Youth 2017 to honor her continuous outstanding performance in social service. Not only delighted to share their accomplishment, our team and partners were highly endorsed with our continuous motivated hard work.

The most thankful moment was to attend the Presentations ceremony for the Special Schools students. Their achievements endorsed that The Award is belonged to all young people without barrier. Their commitment reinforced my faith on mission possible. When their parents held my hand tightly with gratitude, my heart was struck with love. The Award is indeed more than an Award.

Throughout my time with AYP, I have been so proud of the dedication and compassion of our work team, partners and all stakeholders. We strengthen young people and help them build fulfilling, productive lives. I am confident that in the upcoming year, we will all work together to further our commitment .

I look forward to another busy and productive year ahead.

With very best wishes,

Joyce Chan
CEO of The Hong Kong Award for Young People

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