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Our mission is to provide opportunity for young people to challenge themselves through leisure activities and voluntary service which they can discover their hidden abilities and gain a special sense of satisfaction and achievement.

To realize our mission, we pledge to provide quality service to our young people through working in partnership with our operating units and volunteers. We will pursue our mission with vision, creativity and commitment.

Our Role

Filling the gap left by formal education for all-rounded development of youth

AYP is a programme about challenge, enterprise, effort and achievement. It addresses the development of the whole human being by providing a unique rewarding agenda that fills the gap left by formal education. It gives young people a chance to constructively use their leisure time, to set and achieve personal goals and to learn about themselves and their community through experiential learning either in a group or in person.

Without doubt, AYP is playing an important role in youth development. Through the commitment to its programme, young people will be acquiring leadership skills, social and life skills, self-reliance and a sense of responsibility to others. Moreover, young people will have a chance to learn by experience/doing the importance of planning, commitment, perseverance, enterprise and effort. More importantly, it gives young people a very good chance to enrich their experience and to become active and responsible citizens.

Connecting to the society 

The well-balanced Award Programme can help our young people acquire basic leadership skills. Based on a positive assessment system, young people get to know their own interest, ability, potential, strengths and weaknesses. In the process of fulfilling the Award requirements, they will have a chance to learn how to plan the way ahead, how to set and achieve their goals. Together with the prestigious presentation of Award, young people can build up the sense of personal achievement and social responsibility, which will enhance their confidence towards the society.

Building up the collaboration between the young people and adults

The value of adult volunteers support is paramount and fundamental to AYP. Adults have a wealth of experiences, abilities and attitudes, which can have a profound influence on the development of young people. In this vein, we have recruited more than 5000 adult volunteers in support of the daily functioning of our Award.

It is our belief that general standards of behaviour are acquired in part by example and imitation. The abilities and moral convictions of those adult volunteers, who give their time to practice and teach any kind of worthwhile challenging Award activities, will imprint to our younger generation. Thus, the successful completion of a venture earmarks the successful collaboration between the young people and adults.

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